The virgin Suicides

Jeffery Eugenides published the book “the virgin suicides in 1993, taking place in Michigan during the 1970s. In 19999, Sofia Cappola wrote a screenplay, based on the book, which won 3 prizes and was nominated for 11 prizes after its popular debut.


The film is seen through the eyes of five boys, who are trying to put together the puzzle of a series events from their teenage years, which they can never forget or understand. The boys’ attention gets caught by the five Lisbon Sisters. These attractive young girls seem to be living a happy healthy life, with a rigid religious mother and a father who teaches maths at their school.


An ambulance arrives at the Lisbon house and two paramedics rush upstairs to the bathroom where the youngest of 5 sisters has slit her wrists. Cecilia Lisbon and her four sisters (Lux, Mary, Bonnie and Therese) live together in a house in Michigan suburbia with a rigid religious mother and a father who teaches maths at their school. The middle class Lisbon family gets a lot of attention after this event from 5 of the neighbouring boys, who are rather fond of the 5 attractive young daughters. Cecilia’s suicide attempt failed, and the psychiatrists advise her to go back home and socialize. The parents decide to arrange a chaperoned party for the girls, and invite the young boys over. As the awkward party progressed and conversations are initiated by the boys, as an attempt to approach the girls, Cecilia asks to be excused. Cecilia jumps out of the window and lands on the fence, and is dead instantly. After this second incident, everything changes. The film, which is told through the eyes of the young boys, becomes dull after Cecilia’s death. In the middle class society, Cecilia’s suicide is suppressed and not discussed in the media. The church lists her cause of death as an accident, and tries to make the suicide of a 13-year-old girl seem natural. The 5 boys who were invited to the Lisbon’s chaperoned party become obsessed and in love with the rest of the girls.


The second youngest girl, Lux, stands out from the rest of her sisters in multiple ways. She smokes cigarettes, she interacts with boys in ways none of her sisters do. Everyone in the town is interested in knowing what caused Cecilia to commit suicide, but no one has an answer. Some women in the neighborhood say the rigid parents are to blame, for never letting their girls do as they wish. It is as if Cecilia’s death brought a decease upon the house. Cecilia’s favorite tree gets Dutch elm decease and must be cut down, and the house physically begins to deteriorate as time progresses. After months and months of staying at home, a guy Lux is interested in convinces Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon to let their daughters attend the homecoming under strict conditions. Mrs. Lisbon and her daughters went out to buy fabric for the homecoming, but Mrs. Lisbon still manages to sew every single one of the four dresses as identical sacks, which look like they were meant for potatoes and  not for the beautiful Lisbon daughters. At the dance a series of unexpected events happen, and Mrs. Lisbon decide to take her daughters out of school.


If i were to commit suicide, this is what you could expect

If I were to kill myself, the number one way I wouldn’t do it, would be slitting my own wrists in a bathtub. I would find it humiliating, that the last thing people see of me, is dragging my wet naked body out of a bathtub. The awkward struggling of carrying a naked wet person, on one hand it doesn’t matter how you hold the paralysed limb, but on the other side, you wouldn’t want to be disrespectful towards the dead. If I were to kill myself, I would like my last seconds to be a thrill. If I jumped off a really high tower, I would be really scared, and the adrenaline rush, flowing through my body like a drug. Maybe the thought of landing on someone, and causing pain. And having to scrape the rest of me off the road, may be quite traumatic for a by passer. Also, I could have a heroic death. I could do like Will smith in 7 pounds. Will smith give 7 of his organs to people who need them. After he has done his 7 good deeds, he jumps into the bathtub, joined by a poisonous jellyfish. But then there is the problem of dying naked in a bath tub, so I´ll go ahead and scrap that idea as well. Jumping off a plane would be pretty exciting, or I have always wondered what it is like in a plane crash, the rush you feel, everyone is scared. The plane just dropping closer and closer to the water, and when the plane hits the water, everything crashes and everyone die. But yet again, I am not looking to hurt other people. I would stick with the thrill of jumping off a tower, no matter the traumatic aftermath for someone.

Writing Prompt : Music

Music is the universal language of mankind

Music traces way back in history, it has been around for a while and probably still will be around a lot more. Your feelings can be expressed through music, and no matter what language the music is written in, you can tell what genre it is. If it is a happy upbeat song, or slow sad song. This way, emotions can be expressed through music, without understanding the words. If you were to tell a Korean person about your feelings in Dutch, it would be very difficult. They might misunderstand your words, or misunderstand your intonation. Music is a safe way of expressing yourself to another person, if you do not necessarily speak the same language. The song can of course be misinterpreted, if you have an upbeat song about sorrow. Usually, sorrow and sadness would be expressed through slow songs, and probably not the preferred song for dancing. But there are exceptions of course. Demi Lovato’s song Give your heart a break is a very upbeat song, but the theme of the lyrics are sad, so if you did not understand English, you might misinterpret this song as something different, like a positive song about happiness and partying.


I chose a song by Macklemore, because many of his songs are about partying, drinking, drugs and the struggle of life and the system.”Can’t see me through my tints” could be a way of saying, that he is hiding behind a facade. People cannot see the real him behind the dark windows, they only see the outside. an expensive newly painted black Cadillac.Kyle has different facades. People see Kyle as this little bullying druggie, who does not care about anything. When people look at Kyle, they cannot see the real him, underneath. The real Kyle, who is struggling because of his background with an alcoholic dad and an obsessive mother, who only cares about her reputation and making her family look good. Underneath “the tinted windows”, Kyle has a borderline personality disorder and ADHD. Kyle has been living with these issues his entire life, trying to suppress his real personality, by turning towards to drugs. Because he was never diagnosed until the age of 16, people never understood him properly. They only saw his façade, when really there was much more to it.
The first line of the song “I wanna be free, I wanna just live”. Kyle was never aware of his diagnosis, so he gave up on school, wanting only to be free and enjoy his life as a druggie, where he could drown his pain in weed and bullying.

Kyle Griffin

Kyle Griffin is an eighth grader from Galer Street school, Seattly with some drug problems. Kyles mother is a bit obsessed with Kyle, always mentioning how much she loves him in front of other people, when really she doesn’t know a thing about him. On page 46, Kyles mother tells a girl from his class, that she loves Kyle too much to send him to boarding school. Kyles background is a bit of a wreck; his dad is a low key alcoholic.


On page 85, Bee Branch confronts Kyles mother about his behaviour. Bee says he is a juvie, who does no extracurricular or sports, and the only reason he has friends is because he makes fun of his wrecked family at school and brings drugs for the other kids.


Kyle does not have a talent for school, but his computer skills are exceptionally good. Kyle breaks into a windows admin computer within a few minutes. Kyle manages to break through Windows’s security system at the age of 16. Page 235, Kyle breaks into an admin of Windows’s work computer.

Riding the crest of globalisation and technology, English dominates the world as no other language ever has, and some linguists now say it may never be dethroned as the king of languages

Even though Chinese has way more native speakers than English, English has become a more global language, everyone uses in their daily lives. It is kind of odd, that English of all languages has become the one we use every day. Not a lot of Danes nor Swedes can communicate using Chinese, but English is a very different matter. Swedish and Danish remains their first language, but last year Denmark topped the chart of best non-native English speakers. This year, Sweden reached the top.


We use English every day, without even realizing. The internet is mostly English, we use English in everyday conversations, without even thinking about it. English has become such huge part of our lives, we do not even realize it. Considering English can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and


English originates from many different languages including the Anglo-Saxons. the English spread their language very far, by being some of the first to explore new territories. But how did English reach the current size? No other language is taught at the age of 7 globally. We rely on our English skills, when leaving our countries boarders.


Some say the English is the dominating language, which is pretty well done by the English language, considering it is far from the most spoken native language. English might just continue to grow, and eventually the small languages, spoken by a small community, might disappear. The English language has been expanding for the last 500 years, and I think it will keep expanding, and might never be “dethroned” as the king of languages again.

Bathing goats

The beaches of Senegal are crowded with swimmers, sunbathers, surfers or people just wanting a day off. The guests are here every day of the week but one. On Sundays, the beaches are reserved for the sheep of Senegal. The shepherds bring their sheep to the beach every Sunday to go through a daylong cleaning ritual. Senegal is mainly Muslim, where the sheep are prized as sacrifices during the religious festivals. The cleaner the animal, the better the sacrifice. The sheep are let into the water, and back in again. They are then soaked in soap and scrubbed on the shore, before being let back into the water for a final swim. When they get back on the beach, it’s time for a final touch up, consisting of a manicure: getting their hooves cleaned, and getting a trim. They sundry on the beach, while waiting for the other animals to finish bathing. Sheep aren’t the only special guests on Sundays: other animals like horses take a dip on Sundays as well.

view article herewitsenegal-sheep-master768From left, Fallou Gueye, 14; Ousseynou Cissé, 21; Seymour Gueye, 13; and Aboukhadre Sene, 13, washing a ram this month at Yoff Beach in Dakar, Senegal. CreditJane Hahn for The New York Times